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Aleko Konstantinov. Biography in three volumes

The author examined the life and books of Aleko Kinstantinov for 16 years. The three volumes of Aleko Konstantinov. Biography analyses over 5,000 texts dedicated to the famous Bulgarian writer.

According to Prof. Svetlozar Igov (Bulgarian Academy of Science), the Biography of Aleko Konstantinov by Gavrail Panchev is the most complete and in-depth study of the topic. The book fills a big gap in research in Bulgaria dedicated to Aleko Konstantinov - his previous biography was written more than 40 years ago.

According to Gavrail Panchev, the the three volume aim not only to reflect on the literary, social, legal and political activities of Aleko Konstantinov, but also to suggest an alternative to Bai Ganyu (the main character of Aleko Konstantinov). It turns out that there are hundreds of thousands of pages written about Bai Ganyu, and almost none about Aleko.


Aleko Konstantinov. Biography - Volume I 


The Biography examines and comments on Aleko Konstantinov's life in a broad context - the history of his home town Svishtov, the author's family and kin, and his relation with the Christian religion; the book restores the history of the April High School in Gabrovo in connection with his study in Russia.

This volume comments on the political, economic,

ideological and educational history of Russia

during this period.

Aleko Konstantinov.

Biography - Volume II


The second volume covers the creative and

socio-political work of Aleko Konstantinov from

1885 to 1897: his attitude to law, his work as a

lawyer and examines his habilitation in his

attempt to apply as Associate Professor at the

Sofia University, his travelogues and feuilletons.

The main focus is on the contemporary

interpretations of "Bai Ganyu. Incredible

Stories About a Contemporary Bulgarian."


Aleko Konstantinov.

Biography - Volume III


The third volume of the Biography is devoted to the assassination of Aleko Konstantinov on May 11, 1897. This approach to the sinister act is entirely new in research on this topic. Various interpretations are described and explored: Political murder: the only version so far of the assassination against Aleko; Villian murder: This is the thesis of the ruling People's Party, expressed on the pages of Mir and Progress; The Magical Murder; Syncretic murder. The legal side of the murder was specifically described, investigated and commented on with the help of all the normative (legal) documents and acts of the National Assembly, effective as of 1897 and used during the process in T. Pazardzhik since the autumn of the same year.
The book sets itself the ambitious task of renewing the debate on topics that are so important not only to the present of Bulgaria, as solving the question of which ideology we follow, whether that of Bai Ganyu or Aleko Konstantinov, is crucial for our future.

Excerpt from Biography of Aleko Konstantinov, Volume III:

... The last day of A. Konstantinov's life is May 11 (old style) 1897. In the evening, about 22 - 22.30 hours on the same day, he died in the Todor Krastev's carriage on the road Cave - T. Pazardzhik as he passed through the Kochagovsky land. 600 m from the Turkish village of Kochagovo. Mikhail Takev, a lawyer from T. Pazardzhik and Vasil Tomov, a bailiff judge at the Cave Court, travel in the car with the Lucky Man. M. Takev and A. Konstantinov leave early in the morning on May 11, 1897 with the carriage of Todor Krastev by T. Pazardzhik for the purpose of the author of “Bai Ganyu. Incredible ... ”to“ see ”how the cave dwellers celebrate St. John's Day. St. Cyril and Methodius. After ten kilometers they stop in the village of Radilovo at the “explicit insistence of Aleko” (“The Process”, p. 153).

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